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Yes, in this round, strangely speak the Unnamed, or the groom! In particular, we will give some tips about what is the choice of dress, of course this also depends on the wife, because the wife will have to wear a dress that fits that of his wife, but since according to tradition and superstition, "the groom can not see the bride in her dress before the wedding "this poor man must seek advice from friends and family of his future wife.
Now, however, we are at a crossroads: formal or informal ceremony? Having this information can not be absolutely the wrong choice of dress!

In the event that the lady had chosen a long dress, you can choose either a tight or a single-breasted gray very elegant paired with vest and tie to match.

The tails instead you wear only for the ceremony, which takes place in the afternoon. This consists of: dark blue or black jacket with tails, white pique vest, pants with satin stripe shirt with starched shot, tie knot in piquet with white mother of pearl cufflinks, plain black shoes with laces, black stockings, cylinder, white kid gloves.

As we always say the fabric should be chosen and combined in such a way that not stropicci, or better, that does not seem wrinkled. The most appropriate color for the shirt is always white, long socks and lace-up shoe blacks, of course elegant.

In the event the atmosphere is informal, we recommend a three-piece solid color. The fabric, in this case, must be chosen by virtue of the season in which takes place the marriage. For winter you can choose any type of wool for the summer, you can make a choice between linen and silk shantung.

The air becomes more relaxed and therefore softer lines: single breasted jackets, no cuts, classic lines and elegant but not austere.
The classic cut trousers without cuffs, black belt in calf: the vest, the same fabric, single-breasted or double-breasted may be. The shirt of course, with soft collar, cuffs closed by twins.

Remember that the choice must be made with a meticulous work, because it will be your day and everything should be perfect. No error or drop style, no pants that are too short or tuxedo penguin, nothing short socks that are child asylum and especially try to pander to the tastes of your loved one.

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