sabato 17 novembre 2012



The wedding day is undoubtedly the day when a bride tries to be even more perfect than it would at any other time in their lives. The question is: Is there a make up that can be best for me and the occasion? Yes!

Everyone has a different complexion, a face shape of its own, cutting and hair color different from the other, but there is a guideline to follow for each: SOBRIETY , yes, it is the watchword for a bride who seeks the elegance that is attentive to details.


Undoubtedly, many of us rely on the hands of a make up artist or esthetician of confidence, but if we wanted to make requests or to rely on a "do-it-yourself" must start from purity and consistency, beginning to try to give brightness to the face and unify the complexion driving out the small imperfections that make us always company, then we should try tones and shades according to the color of eyes, hair and complexion ... some examples? If you have green eyes and blonde hair tones are ideal for eye shadow purple, plum, apricot, brown and purple, while the lip gloss or lipstick very thin and lightweight. If we are red with brown eyes are the perfect tones of autumn, the green undergrowth, the eggplant, daring even with a little brown without adding too much to the lips always suggest something very light rebalance everything on the mood elegance!

Since, however, your day be guided by the tastes and desires that you have always had, if you like to venture a bit more no problem, just always be elegant and not lapsing into vulgarity.

Little trick? Spread always below the eyebrows a breath of illuminating eyeshadow, highlight your eyes and any color you choose as an eyeshadow.

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