domenica 11 novembre 2012


From fairytale princesses to weddings flash, up to the simple ceremonies have always seen wearing long dresses, they had the sleeves or not, that they were full of lace or smooth, trimmed with lace or satin.

But there are some new features: for all (now not for long!) Ladies who are getting married in 2013, the must is the short dress. Ok, I admit, is nothing new, however, unless it is the vulgar dress could be interesting.

There are many options, from simple sheath dress that fits perfectly on a slender silouettes, through a dress a bit charleston without being trashy, until you get to something the fifties, taste a little' retro and perfume Paris .

The question that many of you will arise is: how, short, I would not be inadequate? The answer is no, following a few simple straight has never been inadequate. The first step to be followed is: the dress should not be too short, my personal recommendation is that it should not be shorter than two fingers above the knees, and in this way you will keep giving elegance but a touch of the third millennium! The second point to be reckoned with are the accessories: fundamentals, of course be careful not to look like a chandelier that matches very well with the environment! The third point is the choice of shoe: this could be the sore spot, a heel too high or too hard could transform YOUR DAY in a disco evening.

I know it might be a shock, but if you measured all at the best will be definitely chic!

Remember that it is your day and that too bold with the right ingredients could bring the most welcome surprises!

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