giovedì 8 novembre 2012


Friends, parents, relatives, friends, aunts ever seen, all of the wedding day or the day before (the latecomers even earlier!), Are ready to shower us with gifts: from horrible set that we will never use objects to absurd and useless, the pots, to blenders, in short, the usual mix of wedding list!
It is a custom, though, give wedding guests a small souvenir of the special day, which is usually given during the party, as to say the wedding favor.
There's something for everyone: from the classic, sober and generally in ivory; those decorated with a small "statuette", those that contain confetti in the tissue layers of various kinds. But have you ever wondered what is the meaning? If you have not ever done I tell you!
The wedding favor has a double meaning: on the one hand is a means of remembrance, and to keep alive the memory of the time of the ceremony, the other has a function a bit 'more apparent, that is, as we said before need to thank our guests of the presence and the gifts we have received.
Inside the wedding favor is usually added to the very classic card with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. Number of sweets canon is five, which is not just a random number, even has its own meaning. The five sugared almonds are symbols:
health, happiness, fertility, longevity and wealth.
Which best hope after having exchanged their promises? And you what type of wedding favor you choose? The taste of the sweets? I'm very very curious! Let me know!

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