venerdì 23 novembre 2012


To serve as the stress to keep your hands in moments of tension before you get to the altar, or that it is useful to focus on something physical without getting caught by hysterics, the bouquet is essential on your wedding day.

Has to match with the best dress and fabric, the general style of the wedding and certainly the taste of the bride. If the dress was extremely classic the best choice would fall on a bouquet tones very clear, even better if white.

Obviously it is important to take into account also the season in which there is combined, both for the presence or absence of certain flowers, but also to ensure that the bouquet is also harmonious with the natural environment outside.

 In spring are very beautiful colors that give a sense of rebirth of nature; in summer are beautiful pastel colors, then a powder, antique pink and all shades of soft colors, always respecting chromatic harmony; in the fall are beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red: far reflect the season;  in winter, for brides bravest recommend a mix of white and red, it is clear, it is not a council trash Christmas, but the very cold white contrasts with a nice passionate red rebalancing the whole.

As I always say the main thing is the taste of the bride, it must be guided by feelings and what you like most, remembering that match the bouquet to the dress (and related tissue) and the style of the wedding, undoubtedly gives a touch more chic event.

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