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The title will bring to your memory the famous film by De Sica, but what we will discuss today has nothing to do with the historical film of '64.

Italy, from North to South has a strong tradition that manifests itself in various ways with regard to marriage: those of you who have relatives in the fantastic South knows that the wedding becomes practically a village festival that lasts at least three days and food is not lacking, the Centre and the North were a bit 'faster as well with the times, but the food I assure you that never fails.


All we imagine the white dress, wedding favors, the church that has been with us throughout our growth, refreshments in a mansion or in a nice restaurant ... but because the world is changing, it is not that they are changing trends also in this field?? I say yes!

Habit adopted mainly by the Belgian population and the U.S. are outdoor weddings, in these beautiful gardens set up specifically for the event, immaculately kept, by the most minimal (Belgium) to the most elaborate, complete with a host of maids all in pendant between them (USA). Even more innovative are the weddings on the beach, very original, romantic, to capture, of course, require a small meteorological support, but as they say, wet bride, lucky bride, not!? The ceremonies are beautiful even if celebrated in places as beautiful villas and other buildings that make the perfect frame for the magical day.


Ok, so far we have spoken of the chic and In, now let's talk about trash and the very out (FORBIDDEN from me). To do absolutely NEVER, ever notice the uppercase, weddings in Las Vegas, anyone with common sense do not ever would celebrate his marriage rivers of alcohol and very scantily clad young ladies. Another thing I strongly discourage are themed weddings, where unfortunately the poor guests are forced to wear something ridiculous or have an accessory of a certain color.
I abhor!

After this “semilist” back to our classic and much-loved Italian wedding: it is an ever green! The best months are from April to mid-October, but we also accept brides with the fur!


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