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In addition to the moment of the ceremony one of the first times you pass by newlyweds on their honeymoon, the long-awaited honeymoon. Some people have a place in mind since he was a child, someone has too much and does not know what to choose and there are those who do not if the idea is never done, but what are the areas most required by the newlyweds? Here's the Top Ten:

1) United States
2) Seychelles
3) United States and Polynesia
4) South Africa
5) Thailand
6) Australia
7) United States and the Caribbean / Mexico
8) Polynesia
9) Japan
10) Maldives

Between dreams and desires, these are the most popular destinations and undoubtedly there are many agencies ready to help you choose the right destination for your honeymoon. As you imagine, as the dream? There are places for every style and every need, from the "American Dream" to the total relaxation in a Polynesian or Caribbean resort, but as I always say the players you are and you have to follow your wishes and your heart. To this list is missing in South America, which I highly recommend both to those who love adventure and want to spend the honeymoon between routes surrounded by nature and also to those who want to see clear water and relax on beaches full of small details.

The honeymoon could be included in the wish list of the couple, yes, give themselves the honeymoon instead of an endless composition of dishes or useless objects for the home that we look with horror would be a wonderful idea, so those who are lost to and does not know what to give you can help you live the first trip together with a wedding ring in the best way possible!

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