giovedì 29 novembre 2012


Tradition dictates that the bride wear closed shoes, and strictly closed with a heel that is around 6cm, but ... sometimes the tradition is so boring!

For the young (and not so young) brides are now many alternatives: a classic open neckline, an open toe, until you get to jeweled sandals embellished with little swarovskis to give light even to the foot of the bride.

The alternatives that present themselves are now many and even though the models are often very similar to each other, it's never easy to find a shoe that is perfect for the occasion and details to be taken into account are indeed many.

Here are some simple rules / tips for choosing the perfect shoe for the perfect day:

1) Choose a color and a fabric that fit the dress and the environment of the ceremony;

2) Choose shoes chic and comfortable, do not overdo it with heels, or do you want to spend the most beautiful day of your life walking on eggshells??

3) In the case where you wear an open toe or a sandal worn stockings very clear, slightly veiled and free of seams;

4) If you can not find shoes that fit you and your clothes do not force the hand, but turn to a craftsman that will surely find the detail that makes the difference.

Now it's up to you to choose the shoes that you like best, that best fits you and makes you feel Cerentola for a day!


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